For 20 years Jack’s had our backs


A Mankato City Councilman for 16 years, Jack Considine has been in the forefront, the back ground and the work sessions of Mankato’s exciting growth in business, industry and culture.  For the last 4 years as our state representative Jack has fought for the Greater Mankato area farmers, small businesses, working people and MSU/Mankato. As a member of the Capitol Investment Committee he has been instrumental in bringing improvements to SCC, MSU, MSH and the City of Mankato.

Re-electing Jack to the Minnesota House of Representatives will bring to St. Paul an experienced and passionate advocate for Mankato and Eagle Lake.

“We must protect the firm financial footing that Gov. Dayton started and not go back to cycles of deficits and uncertainty. We must protect the working people, the disabled, new Americans, small farmers/business and invest in their success.  We cannot give in to the divisive politics of Washington.”